Melamine Foam and Hard Water Stains: A Perfect Match for Removal

Mantra Science has 4 chief pillars viz. sound energy,THE TERRIFIC POWER OF MANTRAS AND THE HIDDEN MYSTERY BEHIND ITS APPLICATION AND USAGE Articles mental focus, great glorious character and untold deep faith in the desired goal. No doubt it is true that via Mantra Energy we can attain so many boons and miracles but along with this is conjoined the fact that the Mantra must past the fiery test of the 4 requirements mentioned above. Before using it, the Mantra has to be rendered Sidha or successful. For success it is imperative to undergo regular long term spiritual practices called Sadhana. The latter has 4 legs or pillar detailed above.

A Mantra devotee while observing the twin disciplines of Yama-Niyama must augment character glory/greatness in a big way. Those who act vilely and are hard hearted or wicked never succeed in Mantra practices. Even Tantra based energies can be augmented only via Brahmacharya or sexual continence. And hence if we wish to manifest divine powers, our psyche must ooze with great sacred thinking, sensitive emotions and pious activities.

The chief reason why our mind gets agitated quickly or jumps about like fidgety monkeys is that our 5 sense organs greedily stray towards their objects again and again. Our mind immersed in vain desires, sense organ hunger and satiation of the little ego ‘I’ is akin to a deer running after musk which is like chasing dessert mirages. In the spiritual realm focus of psyche is the most important force. For its vibration no doubt certain spiritual techniques exist yet its true success dwells in obstructing tainted lowly activities that render the mind agitated and distorted. Whosoever by fulfilling the requirement of rendering the mind self controlled with a sanctified outlook only can truly avail benefits of a deep concentrated mind. Only such a person can successfully meditate and on the basis of this zealous focus shall get the opportunity of benefitting from divine potentials.

The more one harbors profound faith in the desired goal the more terrifically potent shall be Mantra Power. Deep faith by itself is a terrific conscious energy. It is on the basis of trust only that true aspirations manifest and thus the nature of a mental center is created. Major portion of tasks have to be executed by the brain. The brain directs our bodily functioning too. The task of giving a correct direction to the brain is carried out by deep faith and trust embedded in the sensitive centers of our psyche. In reality the true inspirational center of our inner personality revolves around this very axis of steadfast faith. The author of the Bhagwad Geeta while unveiling this mysterious precept says: ‘Yo yacchshraddhah sa eva sa’ which means we are what our faith is. Thus faith itself constitutes our inner personality. The more we apply faith in our iconic goal, aptness of spiritual practice and its resultant attainments with profound zeal the more our Mantra shall be rendered powerful. The miraculous energy of the Mantra devotee shall become more terrific to that extent. While giving importance to these 3 conscious foundations, anyone who executes Mantra chanting programs called Anushthans, most definitely shall succeed in his/her desired goal.

The 4th foundation of Mantra is Sound Energy. Spiritual seers/visionaries inter weave certain alphabets in a special sequence on the basis of hidden mysterious principles of Sound Sciences. The meaning of Mantras is straightforward and commonplace. In their meaning one finds teachings and true direction of divine life. Yet the power of Mantras dwells not in these teachings but is conjoined to the designing/weaving of words found in them. By playing musical instruments in a particular sequence a sound flow emerges. A sound flow is created by conjoining to the throat as per ascending-descending sequence, certain musical notes with rise and fall and this is called ‘singing’. A special type of sound flow circulates similarly when ceaselessly we direct certain word/sound sequences of Mantra chanted by the mouth which is the mundane potential of Mantras. Mantra alphabets chanted by the mouth influences the subtle body a lot. Mantra chanting plays a great role in twanging/reverberating and thus awakening latent 3 glands, 6 Chakras or subtle plexus, 24 ducts and 84 subtle nerves of the subtle body. This words utterance is a chief cause and medium in manifestation of divine powers called Ridhi-Sidhis.

In Mantra Science words are chanted in a slow and light flow but since these are repeated again and again the sound flow from energy centers of the subtle body start flowing. From there a terrific flow of Ultra sound beyond the ken of human ears commences. In it is molded the inner personality of the devotee and on its basis that desired environment is created for which Mantra practices were undergone. To the extent that Mantras are very important along with the deep import of its techniques one must also understand that it is most required for the Mantra devotee to steadfastly render his/her personality so capable that his/her Mantra chanting works like an efficient gun so as to successfully reach the desired target and goal.

Modern Science today is fully endorsing the importance of Mantra Energy. Since we know that even gross words heard by our ears perform great tasks then what to say regarding the super importance of subtle Ultra sound unheard by our ears? No doubt Mantra chanting is done in a soft voice yet with its aid Ultra sound energy is manifested in terrific measure.

In past times sound waves emerging from speech got relegated to the precincts of ordinary hearing by human ears. Our ears can hear words/sound uttered by various creatures and various types of sound elicited due to banging of materials. On hearing all this we get a lot of information and Basotech knowledge, we make conclusions and after augmenting our experiences we take many useful steps forward. All this then revolves around ordinary commonplace usage of sound and speech.

Modern Science today has recognized and understood extraordinary power embedded in sound waves and have commenced fulfilling various tasks via these along with accruing great benefits. It is sound waves that are successfully used in measuring the thickness of materials and in testing the good/bad qualities of metals. A new chapter in the field of industry has been written due to usage of sound waves in tasks like production of carbon black, washing of clothes, admixing of chemicals, making paper pulp, drying wet articles, washing of metals, production of plastic fibers and in other industries.

VF Goodrich Company’s Homogenizing Milk Technology has been appreciated everywhere. General Motors have designed the Sonic Gauge. With its help sound waves are used for many important activities. Iowa State College and Ultra Sonic Corporation too has made such useful technology.

Sound wave vibrations do not journey in void like radio waves. Man can hear very limited types of sound. Those sounds of higher or lower frequency unheard by human ears are n times manifold in number. In order to convert sound into energy those sound waves used are called Ultra Sonic or Super Sonic. In the near future they shall be easily transformed into electrical power and at that time the use of the sound flow of that sound fount shall be for innumerable material purposes as per the opinion of modern scientists.

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