Getting a good ranking in the major search engines is
probably THE BEST way to get traffic to your site,SEARCH ENGINES GIVE YOU FREE ADVERTISING! Articles but just
how to do this is the question. There are literally
millions of web sites out there.

But remember a good website ranking is virtually FREE
advertising and will bring in a steady flow of traffic, so
it is worth going to some lengths to get a good position.

First, sit back for a minute and ask yourself what exactly
you are selling. What keywords are people going to search
for to find your page? Getting a good ranking on a search
engine depends on the keywords you are using – or more
specifically the keywords people are using to find you!

Your aim should be to create a few HIGHLY FOCUSSED
doorway pages for your site, each one optimized for a
particular keyword of phrase. But be honest with yourself. Use
keywords or phrases that describe your product or service
as closely as possible.

To help you find out which keywords are most searched for,
and how likely you are of getting a good ranking, there is
a very good tool called WordTracker. It emails you a free
weekly report of the top 500 keywords (phrases) that are
requested on the major search engines. It also filters out
all pornographic words which account for 25% of search
engine requests. However it also does more!

You can enter a keyword or phrase 포항오피 that you want people to
find your webpage with, and it will return a list of 100
other related keywords. You then click on any of those
keywords and you will get a list of how many searches have
been made for it in the last 24 hours. Then Wordtracker
compares the results with the number of pages ranked on
AltaVista for each keyword or phrase and compiles a report
for you.

Now here is why this tool is so valuable. You can see
which keywords you have more chance with in obtaining a
higher search engine ranking – those keywords with a lot of
hits but relatively fewer pages listed on AltaVista – and
create doorway pages optimized for those keywords. The
doorway pages you create will now have a better chance of
ranking in the top 20 or 30. Wordtracker has a free trial.

Now after choosing your keywords, create a doorway page for
each one.